Diane Fitzgerald Returns to CBS!

Below, you’ll see the classes we took from Diane, and some pictures from her Ziggurat Class. There is also a video of the Ziggurat demonstration, but it is too large to post here or to email. 

However -  if you bring a flash drive with you to the February meeting, and if you took the class, we can download a copy for you on to your flash drive. You will need 2gb minimum of space to do so. 

Do you have pictures from that weekend’s classes to share, too? 

Click HERE to email them to Michelle to be added here. (You can send them right from your smartphone!)

Diane also introduced us on this visit to her 2 fabulous new .PDF e-Books that cover the projects shown here, and tons more for working with new bead shapes.  

The 1st book, The Joy of 2 Holed Beads, covers the stunning Ouroboros Snake necklace made with 2 holed Daggers, along with a ton of other rope, spiral, and stitching projects. 

The 2nd book, More Joy of 2 Holed Beads, has instructions for the Riveting techniques with Quadratiles, the fabulous Ziggurats that folks can’t stop stitching, and a wonderful assortment of other projects with these 2-and-4 holed mini-marvel beads! 

Contact Diane directly for more information on her e-Books and project kits through her website  - here’s a link:  http://www.dianefitzgerald.com

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